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King George and the Ducky

The 13th and newest video from Big Idea Productions is King George and the Ducky! In this video, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and Junior the Asparagus teach kids that selfishness is wrong and that we need to think of others first!

King George, played by Larry the Cucumber, is the king of a beautiful land. His country is at war - the Great Pie Wars, to be exact. Instead of listening to his friend, Louis, played by Bob the Tomato, King George decides to not do anything for the battle. Instead, he sings, "Some kings love horses and some kings love cattle / Some kings love leading their troops into battle / But me, I'm not like that … I find that stuff yucky / I'd much rather stay in my tub with my ducky!"

King George neglects the battle and sits in his bath tub playing with his rubber ducky, his favourite thing to do. King George loves rubber duckies, and he has many of them. In fact, he has a cabinet full of them! When he sees Thomas, played by Junior the Asparagus, and Thomas' duck, he becomes selfish and decides he must have Thomas' only duck! What will King George do to get what he wants? Will he learn that being selfish hurts others? We'll have to wait until April 1, 2000, when the video is released

Silly Songs with Larry

The new Silly Songs with Larry is "Endangered Love." In this video, Larry dances with his manatee friend. (What's a manatee? It's kind of like a cow … but it has flippers, and it lives in the ocean.)

This happens while Larry his watching his favourite show, "Endangered Love." It is a show about Bill and Barbara Manatee and their quest for romance, a date for the ball and other "noble things."

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