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This CD has songs taken from Larry-Boy! & the Fib from Outer Space! and Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed. There are also two remixes of the "Larry-Boy Theme Song" and "The Rumor Weed Song" by the The W's!!

***If you know the lyrics to any of these songs, please help me by letting me know what they are!***

Cordial Greetings from Alfred

A Fib Falls /
It's Laura's Fault

The Search / It's Lenny's Fault

The Fib Grows / The Water Tower

Junior Tells the Truth!

Look Who's Here to Help

Bumblyburg Groove Remix

Superhero Slim-Down Remix

Thanks, But No Thanks

Rumor Weed Introduction

The Seed is Planted /
the Rumor Spreads

The Rumor Weed Song

Larry-Boy to the Rescue

The Sewer / Town Square

The Confession / The Bloom

It's the W's!

The Rumor Weed Song
(performed by the W's)


Larry-Boy Theme Song